This educational guide is a collection of 30 articles written by SPOTIFY EXPERTS and covers all the key areas that you need to know.

The information is presented in an easy-to-understand way that will gently ease you into your Spotify experience.



You’ll learn:

* What Spotify is and how it works
* How to get your music on Spotify
* What a playlist curator is
* How to approach curators with your music
* What curators are looking for in your pitch
* How to build your following on Spotify
* Release strategies for success
* How the Spotify algorithm finds new tracks
* How to create your own playlist


YouTube is one of the top destinations for modern consumers to discover new music.

The INDIE YOUTUBE BIBLE will enable you to TAP into this VAST market by providing you with detailed contact information for over 3,400 YouTube playlists.

Each playlist is categorized by GENRE so you can easily contact the curators that welcome your specific style of music.