about us

CEG is an entertainment group that focuses on making sure new Independent Artists have the knowledge they need to navigate the different elements that make up the music industry. Our overall goal is to make sure each artist we work with has a clear understanding of the business side of the music industry as they move forward with their music career. We put "Knowledge First" 

Collectively the CEG Team has over 15 years of experience in the entertainment and business industry. Our goal is to use artist development, artist management, and consulting to develop some of the best entertainers the music industry has ever seen coming from the Indie Artist community while also strengthening the independent music scene.

what we do

The CEG management team will use their industry connections, business resources, and extensive knowledge to offer multiple artist development services and opportunities; along with marketing strategies designed to increase music sales and boost fan bases.

Indie artists will have the opportunity to create their own exclusive merchandise line that the CEG Team will help them develop to expand the artist’s brand and create extra revenue. This is just one of the 20+ services the team offers.


CEG artist services will cover everything from press releases about a new project to creating fan campaigns to help build support.


Not only will these services help advance the artists' career it will also provide additional revenue, enhance networking skills and knowledge about the entertainment industry.